Aspect Aluminium Patio Doors and Windows are Thermally Efficient Warmcore Profiles which are market leading in both Quality and Technology. 


Traditional Aluminium systems can force you to choose Aluminium aesthetics and finish over Thermal Performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width Thermal Core.

WarmCore Inline Patio Door

There’s never been a better product to meet the demands of the growing aluminium patio market. Sleek, stylish and offering flawless operation, the WarmCore Inline Patio Door utilises the same innovative full-width thermal core technology as the rest of the market-leading range.


Exceptional Thermal Performance


The Warmcore Full width Thermal core in the Sashes gives a double glazed U Value of 1.4 and a Triple glazed Vlaue of 1.0


Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore Patio sliding door was created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled features...


Innovative Bi Directional Lock

Designed to an exacting specification for ultimate security.

Warmcore Sliding Patio.jpg

Soft Close Safety Brake

An optional add on for your door which not only adds safety against trapped fingers and unintentional slamming but adds a real classy touch.


Custom Designed Hardware

A custom designed, high quality Lift to Lock handle which is unique to Warmcore Patio Doors.

Warmcore Windows and Doors.png
25% more efficient as standard
75% more efficient with Triple Glazing
more efficient